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Dreams on which to ponder
Have no meaning till you wonder
Characters and scenes, some unknown
Awaken the mind as it is shown

Soft and gentle, pleasant, not true
Do not wake up, because you knew
Dreams that play in your mind
Are only for your tender kind

(Mary G.)



In my dream we meet, you and I
Beneath a cloudless, deep blue sky,
The meadow flowers here abound
And rich green grass lies all around.

This is a perfect, halcyon place
To greet you love - warmly embrace.
We linger here beneath the sun
Our hearts and souls joining as one.

For hours we talk, our souls we bare
As everything we gladly share
And we express our deep, true love 
But clouds are looming up above.

It's getting dark, it's hard to see,
I sense you drift away from me,
The air grows cold, what is my fate?
I awake now - sad and desolate.

(Jean Lewis)


Good Night

Time to fall fast asleep

Peace will gently guide my feet

To paradise where sunshine leaps

Our spirits now will finally meet


Where water, blue, sparkles bright

I finally dream of you tonight

You’re seamless beauty within my sight

My soul begins an endless flight


“Never will I say good bye”

I say that with a broken sigh

Because I know, the truth lies high

Way above the cloudy sky

Waiting to prove me wrong…

Good night

(R. Barrows)

LET me not mar that perfect dream

LET me not mar that perfect dream

By an auroral stain,

But so adjust my daily night

That it will come again.


(Emily Dickinson)


I Envy

I ENVY seas whereon he rides,

I envy spokes of wheels

Of chariots that him convey,

I envy speechless hills


That gaze upon his journey;

How easy all can see

What is forbidden utterly

As heaven, unto me!


I envy nests of sparrows

That dot his distant eaves,

The wealthy fly upon his pane,

The happy, happy leaves


That just abroad his window

Have summer’s leave to be,

The earrings of Pizarro

Could not obtain for me.


I envy light that wakes him,

And bells that boldly ring

To tell him it is noon abroad,—

Myself his noon could bring,


Yet interdict my blossom

And abrogate my bee,

Lest noon in everlasting night

Drop Gabriel and me.

(Emily Dickinson)